Mitta Mining is a comprehensive historical account of gold recovery around the picturesque hamlet of Mitta Mitta in northeastern Victoria.
Russell J Kelly's research has not only accurately detailed the advent and application of advanced hydraulic sluicing from California but traced the impact of mining pollution on the local surroundings. The community was deeply divided over the destruction of waterways resulting in one of the earliest environmental battlefronts in Victoria.
The monument to Mitta Mitta's past is the large open-cut backdrop that was once the centrepiece of local alluvial gold production. Defeated by a prolonged drought, the Pioneer Mine operated profitably for much of its 20 year life but with mounting public concern over ecological damage.
Anyone interested in the history of mining will enjoy this definitive explanation and recognise the insidiousness nature of gold fever.

ISBN 9780957853324     Published by Wombat Gully Publications, Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia

Only weeks before the end of World War 2 a bomber on a training exercise became lost at night in North Eastern Victoria with tragic consequences. How did this experienced crew manage to be 100 miles off-course?  Why did it take so long to find the wreck?
Russell Kelly's account of events that took place in 1945 traces the last flight of Beaufort Bomber A9-228, the botched RAAF aerial search and the ultimate discovery by relatives of the wreck in rugged mountain country.

Third Edition now available

ISBN 9780957853317     Published by Wombat Gully Publications, Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia

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