Descendants of Martino Balsarini

First Generation

1. Martino Balsarini.

Martino worked as a farmer in Tirano, Italy.

Martino married Margarita Pianta.

They had the following children.

  2 M i Antonio Balsarini was born about 1842 in Tirano, Italy. He died on 28 Feb 1912 in Bendigo Hospital, Bendigo, Victoria from enlarged prostate, cystitis. He was buried on 29 Feb 1912 in Bendigo Cemetery, Bendigo, Victoria.

Antonio was a member of the catholic church.
  3 M ii Pietro "Peter" Balsarini was born about 1843 in Tirano, Lombardy, Italy. He died on 20 Apr 1918 in Lake Marmal, Victoria from carcinoma of bladder, haematuria, heart failure. He was buried on 21 Apr 1918 in Terrappee Cemetery, Victoria.

Peter was naturalised in 1893. Peter arrived in Victoria on 23 July 1862 on the "White Star" ex Liverpool, England He worked as a farmer from 1893 to 1918.
        Peter never married.
+ 4 M iii Guiseppe "Joseph" Balsarini was born in 1849. He died on 19 Mar 1897 from ureamia, gangrene of foot.

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