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Hotel Technology

Wombat Gully
Published by Ned in Travel · 26 August 2023
The Challenge of Hotel Technology
Our experiences with luxury 4-5 star international hotels are marred by the often over-use of technology that can be bewildering and frustrating for the weary traveller.
Probably number one is the often tangled and complicated hardware associated with having a shower. Should be simple but which is the hot and cold tap and which way do they turn ? Or does this button regulate pressure or does it redirect the jet from a non-obvious location ?Then there is the dunny (toilet for non- Aussies). Some are now computerised, complete with his/hers options, various cycles, fan speeds and of course TV and music entertainment. There is a definite learning curve in operating this technology and difficult when there isn’t a nine-year-old around to help. Even for a technology nerd like me it is time-wasting and a ridiculous distraction to performing a simple natural task.  

But there’s more. Some hotels now provide computerised lighting systems from a control panel that takes a frustrating time pressing screen buttons to bring lights on, off and dim.
 <We struck this computerised dunny in Morocco. There was no Nbr 1 or Nbr 2 button>

My personal hate is the hotel room television which these days is run from an ethernet computer network. Even major hotels often only support local free-to-air tv or sparse cable access, with very slow refresh rates changing channels.  Then when the tv is turned off it defaults back to the hotel icon page. Yuk!
Time to try and turn down the air conditioning and go to bed.

"Wombat Gully"
Mitta Mitta,  Victoria 3701
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